The Lonely Traveler
The Doctor. Just the Doctor. The last of the Time Lords, Timelord Victorious. The Oncoming Storm, the Predator, the Lonely Traveler and the Man without a Home. He is always going, passing in and out of different periods of time. The one who wears the brightest smile is the most lonely. His rage is only matched by his grief.

And yet, he is so very wonderful.

{Independent RP Blog for the 10th Doctor of "Doctor Who"}

{Will RP with any fandom and is somewhat OC Friendly}

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Doctah-mun’s 400 follower Q and A Video~

So, hey guys. About to hit 400 followers. (6 away from the target). So, I am going to be making a question and answer video with as many questions as you all can give me. It can be about the mun, muse, my headcanons, anything and everything. Just submit them into my ask and I’ll get to them when the time comes!